HTML 4 title Tag

Also see HTML5 <title> Tag.

This page contains information about the HTML 4 version of this element. For a more up to date version, see HTML5 <title> Tag.

The HTML <title> tag is used for declaring the title of the HTML document.

The title is usually displayed in the browser's title bar (at the top). It is also typically used by search engines (to display the page title in the search results page) and browsers "favorites" lists.

The title tag is placed between the opening and closing <head> tags.



Attributes specific to this tag:
Other Attributes:
langLanguage code
dirSpecifies the direction of the text

HTML5 Tags

The information on this page is based on HTML version 4.01. Most modern browsers now support HTML5, which is the next version of HTML after HTML 4.01.

See HTML5 <title> Tag for the HTML5 version of the above element.

Also see this list of HTML 5 tags for the latest version of HTML.