HTML 4 applet Tag

Obsolete in HTML5
This tag is obsolete in HTML5, so it's best to avoid using it.

The HTML applet tag is used for embedding a Java applet within an HTML document.

The applet tag is deprecated in HTML 4.01 and is not supported in XHTML (strict DTD) or HTML 5. Use the HTML object tag instead.



Attributes specific to this tag:
codebaseSpecifies the URI of the applet.
codeSpecifies the name or path of the class file.
nameGives the instance a name so that it can be referenced by other objects.
archiveComma separated list of archives containing class files to be preloaded.
objectSpecifies the resource that contains a serialized representation of the applet's state.
widthWidth to display the applet.
heightHeight to display the applet.
Other Attributes:
classDocument wide identifier.
idDocument wide identifier
styleInline style (CSS).
titleSpecifies a title to associate with the element.
altAlternative text. This will display if the applet can't be loaded.
alignVisual alignment (i.e. bottom, middle, top, left, right). Deprecated.
hspaceAmount of white space to be inserted to the left and right of the object. Deprecated.
vspaceAmount of white space to be inserted above and below the object. Deprecated.

HTML5 Tags

The information on this page is based on HTML version 4.01. Most modern browsers now support HTML5, which is the next version of HTML after HTML 4.01.

Also see this list of HTML 5 tags for the latest version of HTML.