Here's a quick overview of what JavaScript is, and what you'll need to start working with it.

If you're new to programming/scripting, JavaScript is a good place to start. Having said that, it's still quite different to HTML so I recommend you take your time and cover off a little bit each day. Don't worry if it takes you several days to complete - it's better to fully understand everything than to brush over it and not fully comprehend it.

I suggest you bookmark this tutorial now, then continue on.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language that enables web developers/designers to build more functional and interactive websites.

Common uses of JavaScript include:

JavaScript usually runs on the client-side (the browser's side), as opposed to server-side (on the web server). One benefit of doing this is performance. On the client side, JavaScript is loaded into the browser and can run as soon as it is called. Without running on the client side, the page would need to refresh each time you needed a script to run.

What do I need to create JavaScript?

You can create JavaScript using the same equipment you use when creating HTML. That is:

The next lesson will show you how to enable/disable JavaScript in your browser.