CSS Color Properties

Full list of color properties that can be used with CSS.

CSS provides multiple properties that you can use when specifying a color for web pages and other documents. For example, you can apply a background color to an element, a foreground color, a border color, and more.

Here's a list of properties that accept a color value.


Here are some of the more commonly used CSS properties for specifying color.

Text Color

The color property is used to apply foreground color (which includes text color).

Text Color

The background-color property is used to apply a background color to an element. You can also use the background shorthand property.

Border Color

The border-color is a shorthand property for setting the color on all sides of an element's border. There are actually quite a few different properties for doing this (these are included in the above list).

Text Decoration Color

The text-decoration-color allows you to set the color of the text-decoration property.