XML Editors

An XML editor can make your life easier when creating XML documents.

As you saw in the previous lesson, you can create XML documents using a simple text editor such as Notepad, WordPad, vi, emacs, or SimpleText etc. Text editors are OK, but if you're serious about creating XML, you'd be better off finding an XML editor.

Benefits of an XML Editor

An XML editor will make your life easier when coding XML and more importantly, it will help prevent you from making errors.

XML editors are similar to HTML editors (or any other programming editor) in that they provide syntax highlighting which helps with readability when you're coding. They'll also do things like automatically insert a closing tag once you're added an opening tag.

A good XML editor should also provide validation - a way for you to validate that the documents you create are well formed.

Examples of XML Editors

Here are some XML editors you might find useful: