Scroll Box Color

Here are copy/paste examples of HTML scroll boxes with color added. Feel free to use the code on this page for your own website. You can also change the values to suit.

Background Color

This example changes the background color of the scroll box. In HTML, you change background color using the CSS background-color property:

HTML Code:

Text Color

In this example, we also change the color of the text within the scroll box (as well as the background color). Text color is changed using the CSS color property:

HTML Code:

Scrollbar Color

In this example, we change the color of the scroll bars. This is done using the 'scrollbar-base-color' property.

Note that this won't work on all browsers. It should work on Internet Explorer version 5.5 and above, but at the time of writing, it doesn't work in Firefox. So, if you're viewing this page with Firefox, this scrollbar won't have changed color. More about about colored scrollbars:

HTML Code: