Comment Box Borders

This page contains examples of comment boxes with borders. Feel free to copy and paste the code for your own use.

Thin Border

In this example, the border is 1 pixel wide, solid, and a dark green color (hex color value: #6DB72C). Borders are created using the CSS border property.

Setting borders and colors in HTML is easy - if you know how.

Thick Border

In this example, I've made the border thicker (10 pixels wide).

Dotted Border

In this example, I've created a dotted border around the comment box. To do this, you simply change the value "solid" to "dotted".

Dashed Border

In this example, I've changed the border to "dashed".

Grooved Border

You can also give your border a "grooved" effect.

Double Borders

Ridged Border

Outset Border

Inset Border

Mixed Borders

This is where it can get really interesting. You can specify a different border for each side of your comment box. Try changing the values for some cool results!